For over 40 years we have supplied hundreds of Overhead Cranes for sale, many of these with Crane Tracks or complete Gantries, and including installation, testing and certification.

Our company has been built on a commitment to provide cost effective yet reliable solutions to our customers lifting requirements.

About us Cobal Cranes

Cobal Cranes were amongst the pioneers in the supplying of modified and reconditioned Overhead Cranes for all manner of lifting environments. Today we remain a respected force in what has become a demanding and competitive field.


About us Gantry Cobal Cranes

Over the years our customers have been delighted with the quality and cost saving of equipment supplied from our stocks. We can also offer combinations of new and reconditioned equipment, which is all part of our flexible approach to our customer requirements.

About us Goliath Cobal Cranes
Steve Hides Cobal Cranes
  • Overhead Cranes for sale

  • Quickly determine which crane is right for you.

  • Delivery and installation Taken care of  

  • provide cost effective AND reliable solutions to MEET YOUR lifting requirements.     

  • We offer combinations of new and reconditioned equipment with a flexible approach.